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Intellian i9P

Intellian’s i9W offers extended coverage satellite TV reception, perfect for larger recreational or commercial vessels.

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Intellian i9P is the satellite antenna system which includes an 85cm (33.5”) dish diameter, a 2-axis satellite tracking antenna system, designed and manufactured so as to automatically identify, track and capture the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) and DVB-S2 format satellite signal. The i9P provides the embedded auto skew angle control system to maintain the optimal signal strength and increase the quality of satellite receptions in weak satellite single coverage area. 

Intellian i9P is a digital satellite antenna system designed specifically for all types of vessels (Anchored or transit) to automatically identify, track and capture satellite signals from the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB: the international standard for digital TV transmissions) and DVB-S2 compatible Satellites. Specifically, Intellian i9P supports Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm, which minimizes the search time at initial state.  

Intellian i9P also offers Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology, which dynamically shapes the antenna beam to utilize stabilization. Once a satellite is acquired, the antenna DBT continuously measures the heading, pitch, and roll of a vessel by obtaining satellite signal level around the antenna point, and transmits commands to the antenna motors to keep the antenna pointed at a satellite at all times. This active stabilization is enhanced by a conical scan tracking function to detect and lock onto the strongest signal; resulting in the clearest reception possible.

The system is comprised of two major sections.  The Antenna Unit is comprised solely of the antenna radome assembly which is mounted on a ship’s upper deck or mast location chosen for the best satellite reception to minimize blockages by mast structure or funnel and interference with other ship’s navigation and communication systems such as marine radars, radio and magnet compass etc. The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and all other ancillary equipment can be mounted in various locations on a ship. 
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