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Intellian t80W

It’s not easy finding a satellite that’s 22,000 miles away, but thanks to Intellian’s Wide Range Search technology, our antennas search over a wider range and lock onto a signal in seconds

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The Intellian t80W antenna locks onto satellites quickly and provides seamless operation in all regions, offering global coverage. The antenna delivers this performance by utilizing a fully stabilized 3-axis platform, as well as a fourth axis for LNB auto-skew control. In addition, built-in as standard, the internal GPS combined with Intellian's patented Wide Range Search (WRS® ) provides the fastest satellite acquisition possible. Multiple HD receivers can be connected to the system as standard, providing a truly hands off global coverage depending on the regions visited.  
The Intellian t80W incorporates the patented WorldView™ LNB (Low Noise BlockDown Converter), which automatically switches frequency depending on the region the antenna is operating in; all of the switching information is contained in the Antenna Control Unit (ACU). As the satellite TV provider is selected electronically, there is no requirement to purchase multiple LNB modules, reconfigure complex systems and manually change the LNB unit inside the antenna dome each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service region.  
The t80 antenna has a broad elevation range, from -15° to +110°, enabling operation in all conditions and the cross level axis ensures uninterrupted viewing even when the antenna is operating near the equator. The t80 dome is designed to complement the v80G VSAT antenna, providing customers with a compact dual antenna solution for communications and entertainment.  
All Intellian antenna systems are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the company's industry-leading standards for vibration and extreme shock in all sea states and weather conditions

Intellian t80W is a digital satellite antenna system designed specifically for all types of vessels (Anchored or transit) to automatically identify, track and capture satellite signals from the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB: the international standard for digital TV transmissions) compatible Satellites. Specifically, Intellian t80W supports Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm, which minimizes the search time at initial state.  Intellian t80W also offers Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology, which dynamically shapes the antenna beam to utilize stabilization. Once a satellite is acquired, the antenna DBT continuously measures the heading, pitch, and roll of a vessel by obtaining satellite signal level around the antenna point, and transmits commands to the antenna motors to keep the antenna pointed at a satellite at all times. This active stabilization is enhanced by a conical scan tracking function to detect and lock onto the strongest signal; resulting in the clearest reception possible. 
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