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Intellian v100 16W ext.

Ensures uninterrupted broadband communications by seamlessly switching between two antennas. Communicates simultaneously with two Antenna Control Units (ACU)

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Intellian v100GX is 1 meter Ku band maritime antenna featuring converting to Ka band Global Xpress service terminal in coming years. It will be serving maritime industries as platform to easy hop into GX high throughput broadband service globally available, leading shipboard life more pleasant and maritime industries more efficient with better connectivity.

It is featured with simple pedestal design to support easy conversion by just replacing BUC/LNB assembly and antenna feed, relieving difficult ship deck work and saving higher labor cost, and also it employed Ku/Ka optimized radome and antenna reflector to satisfy service requirements in high moistures propagating environment.

Further to it, antenna control system and associated electronics are newly designed to comply with industry trend such as remote IP based managed system and simple cabling with neighboring equipment and also provide an interface with Modem integrated GX below deck equipment.Superior RF Performance

Precision Dual Band Carbon Fiber Reflector: The v100 is designed and engineered to operate on Ku and Ka-bands while maximizing the RF performance on both bands. The v100’s high-gain, precision carbon fiber reflector ensures the best service quality available when configured for Ku or Ka-band operation, allowing for greater throughput and reduced operational costs.

Frequency Tuned Radome: To ensure efficient operations for Ku-band and Ka-band services, the radome itself is designed to enhance both the Ka- and Ku-band system performance. The new Radome is also designed to match conventional domes, an important benefit on installations where great aesthetics are important.


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