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COBHAM SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply 300W/28V DC
COBHAM SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply 300W/28V DC

New from Thrane & Thrane the SAILOR FleetBroadband 150 is the most compact solution to offer true global IP data and high quality voice to a wide range of vessels.

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The SAILOR 6081 Power Supply can deliver 300 W output power on average with a peak of 370 W for max. 2 minutes (10% duty cycle).This is useful for MF/HF applications and DSC transmissions of short duration.

The SAILOR 6081 Power Supply is AC powered with a battery switch-over function and has an on/off switch which is lit when the power is turned on. All connectors are placed at the same end of the power supply to simplify mounting and installation. The connector panel is protected by a transparent lid. To secure an installation with heavy cables a cable-relief bracket can be installed.

It features the following items:
- Two DC connectors, output, range: 28.7 V - 31.2 V
- Output power 300 W continuous, 370 W peak (max. 2 min., 10% duty cycle, 100-240 VAC) or 270 W continuous, 333 W peak (max. 2 min., 10% duty cycle, 90-100 VAC)
- Daisy-chaining of up to four units to give up to 1480 W.1
- AC input (100-240 VAC operating) with fuse (6.3 A) with Power Factor Correction
- Automatic detection of input voltage range  AC alarm and Short circuit protection
- Over-temperature protection (shutdown with automatic restart)
- Switch over to battery power in case of AC supply failure
- On/off switch  IP 30 protection
- Approval and certification: IEC 60945 approval

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